Business Feasibility Study

Import / Export

Consultancy and planning of any type of import and export service.

Product Search

We carry out the search for suppliers, raw materials, product manufacturers or industrial parts from all over the world.

Tariff Classification

EC COMEX performs the tax classification of the product necessary to determine the taxes involved in the import and export operations.

Search of suppliers

We have professionals trained in international negotiations and fluency in other languages. As well as agents abroad that provides the best results in the outcome of the negotiations.

The study of export and import costs

With planning and strategies EC COMEX develops the feasibility study with the reduction of import or export costs.

International and national freight transport

The partnership with cargo agents that we have in imports or exports, allows us to work with the best prices, providing the best cost-benefit ratio in operations.

We offer all types of national and international cargo, including the door-to-door service, that is, withdraw the products at any point of origin to the point of delivery of the recipient with all the important services in operations. Ensuring the INCOTERMS contracted previously.

Documentary conference

Proforma, Packing List, Invoice, AWB, BL, CRT, RWB, Certificates and product registrations.

Special Customs Regimes: Drawbacks and customs deposits

Care and advice for the feasibility of special customs regimes, so that the customer can take advantage of the specific tax benefits of each process.

We carry out all other customs services as well as other services related to international trade.

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